Note: I will be permanently closing the Shop, beginning on 2/1/19. Please check my most recent blog post for more details. Thank you to all of my customers and bassoon colleagues. Onward to new bassoon adventures!


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Dear Friends,

I will permanently close the Basso Vento Shop, beginning 2/1/19. I want to share with you the reasons for this change in my reed business. To my reed plan subscribers old and new: Your reed plans will continue until the 2/1/19 cutoff date. I will continue to fulfill existing subscription orders through January, but I will not fulfill any new orders during this time.

Why am I closing up shop? My various professional commitments are beginning to make maintaining the reed business quite difficult. That is, I am finding it increasingly hard to fulfill orders in a timely manner. As an educator and performer, my professional opportunities continue to increase. Beginning this spring, I will also be traveling out-of-state more often—this makes handling Basso Vento orders even trickier. I am faced with balancing university teaching positions, freelancing, and now running a sizeable private bassoon studio. I do not wish for your reeds to suffer as a result of this juggling act. So, I have chosen to close the business and remain open to new bassoon opportunities.

If you feel stranded and without reeds, I apologize for this sudden change. I do not wish a reed shortage on any bassoonist. Feel free to contact me privately, and we might discuss the occasional reed order down the road. I would like to thank my valued customers and my bassoon colleagues: you have all made me a better reed maker over the past few years, and I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with reeds. Here’s to making reeds with resonance, wherever we all may be!

Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned for what will become my professional/personal website.

Take care and best wishes,

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  • Honestly these are by far the best reeds I have ever used. Do you know of any reeds I can buy with a similar quality?

    Sohit Doda on
  • My daughter is so sad that you are closing up shop. Your reeds are her very favorite! Is there any way we could purchase any reeds from you before you officially close?

    Kim Bedell on

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