Note: I will be permanently closing the Shop, beginning on 2/1/19. Please check my most recent blog post for more details. Thank you to all of my customers and bassoon colleagues. Onward to new bassoon adventures!


Literally speaking, Basso Vento translates to 'Low Wind,' so you can expect a singing and resonant tone in each bassoon reed you order. My Student and Pro Reeds are made ready to play for beginners, advanced and amateur players, and professional bassoonists. My reed making emphasizes comfortable response, stable intonation, and a rich tone quality in each reed. Your reeds are tested and sanitized prior to shipping. My instrument setup: Fox 201 bassoon with a Heckel VCC2 bocal.

My Story

I began Basso Vento Bassoon Reeds after years of providing reeds to students, friends, and players across the country. In 2016, I decided to launch, which provides reeds to all levels of bassoonists. I also aim to create a space for discussion and instruction within the bassoon community via a bassoon blog (more posts forthcoming!). Unlike some reed makers, I offer a variety of reed shapes and reed strengths. I hope to equip bassoonists with resonant and consistent reeds—so you can focus on singing through the bassoon!

Customer Reviews

"I am a high school student who loves the bassoon. I just wanted to let you know that these are the highest quality reeds I have found online. I will 100% be ordering from your site from now on." - H.J. in Florida

"The reeds that I've purchased from this site are among the best that I've ever used!" - B.L. in Florida

"I'm very satisfied with the experience I had working with Basso Vento and Maxwell Grube himself. The reed arrived quickly and well-protected. Out of all the reeds I've bought in this price range, this is the only company I intend to return to. I would recommend others to do the same." - G.B. in Pennsylvania

"I love this product. They have been the best bassoon reeds for me. I like the different color wraps. I recommended them to other players." - A.B. in Georgia