Note: I will be permanently closing the Shop, beginning on 2/1/19. Please check my most recent blog post for more details. Thank you to all of my customers and bassoon colleagues. Onward to new bassoon adventures!

I offer private instruction for bassoon playing and reed making. Potential pupils can contact me to discuss lesson rates, scheduling, local/long-distance options, etc.


I recommend 30-minute lessons (minimum) for beginning bassoonists, which allows time for warm-up material, playing, and some time to address reeds. If you are a middle-school player, 30-minute lessons are the ideal option for you. As time is precious, we will get right to work and cover as much material as possible. 

I recommend 1-hour lessons for intermediate and advanced bassoonists. 1-hour lessons allow us to cover more material and build your bassoon chops! We will work on warm-ups, bassoon fundamentals, etudes, school ensemble repertoire, chamber and solo works, with time allotted for reed making/adjustment. If you are a high-school player, amateur bassoonist, or college-level player, 1-hour lessons are the best option for you. Want more? I offer double lessons too, which include a reed lesson and playing lesson back-to-back. 

Is it worth it?

In short, yes! In private lessons, we will explore areas like bassoon technique and expression, repertoire, and crucial musical concepts. Our in-depth lessons will strengthen your bassoon fundamentals while improving overall musicianship skills. These lesson skills are easily transferable to your band and orchestra classes and other musical areas of your life. Finally, learning side-by-side with a bassoonist can build confidence on the instrument, because you will learn from a specialist. I enjoy learning from my students as much as I love to foster their own growth!


Student reeds are included with your lessons. I give reeds to each student on a regular schedule. 

Long-distance teaching

I am more than happy to set up instruction via Facetime or Skype. While in-person instruction is preferable, long-distance lessons allow us to connect when travel is not possible. I offer long-distance instruction for playing lessons and reed lessons.