Note: I will be permanently closing the Shop, beginning on 2/1/19. Please check my most recent blog post for more details. Thank you to all of my customers and bassoon colleagues. Onward to new bassoon adventures!

What is a Reed Plan Subscription?

Reed Plans are recurring orders, which receive 10% off each recurring order. Reed Plans are available to ship in 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day frequencies. 

Why Subscribe to a Reed Plan?

You save 10% on each recurring order! Plus, Reed Plan members get priority fulfillment—this means your order gets fulfilled before non-subscription orders. Tired of seeing "Out of Stock" when you order? Subscribe for a Reed Plan and you won't see this message, because your order is always bumped to the top of the list!

Combining One-Time Items and Subscription Items 

You can combine one-time (non-subscription) and subscription items in a singe order. For example, a single order can contain 1 Non-Subscription Student Reed ($18.00) as well as 1 Pro Reed Subscription ($18.90) sent every 30 days. 

Processing and Shipping Time

New subscriptions include an initial two-week processing period before shipment. In order to maintain your chosen shipping frequency, all subsequent orders are adjusted for this initial two-week delay. For example, if you choose a 30-day Reed Plan on Nov. 15th, your first order will ship on Nov. 29th, your second order will ship on Dec. 13th, and so forth. 

How to Subscribe 

SHOP any product and simply choose your shipping frequency, hardness, and quantity.